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May, 2009

Hi, I'm Adam Smith, a computer hacker, entrepreneur, and the author of this blog.

I'm the founder of a great startup called Xobni.  Xobni is the word 'inbox' spelled backwards.  We make email software that makes it easier for people to manage relationships and find information in their email.  Our product has received a lot of attention from the tech community, including people like Bill Gates.  If you use Outlook or an Android phone you should give it a spin!

I began writing and selling software online in the same year at age thirteen through a company I created called Vira Tech Development.  That darned homepage still says copyright 2003.  :-)

After graduating from MIT I started a master's program and later dropped out to start Xobni.  I ran Xobni as CEO for two years, was its CTO and member of technical staff for an additional two years and change, and am now a free radical in search of the next great idea.

I'm principally interested in great ideas and moving the ball forward.

You can see some of my old web sites here.


(A nerdy childhood photo, scanned.  It took me a bit there at the beginning to learn that GIF only supports up to 256 colors.)

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