Adam Smith

I Love MIT!

September, 2010

God MIT is a great place.

Last week I got to speak at a new MIT class, The Founder's Journey. There were 100+ students. Pizza was had. There was a buzz of energy and ideas.

We had a lot of fun, and I'm excited that my friend Drew Houston will be speaking there tonight.

After the class last week some students invited me back to their dorm, Burton Conner. Beers were had. And a jolly time ensued.



Included in this picture but not immediately obvious: a homebrew video game arcade with CRT monitor, and a huge tank with live turtles.

Hackers are alive!

Reason #2 why I love this place: earlier this year at MIT I learned why in about 40 years we'll all be flying in vertical takeoff airplanes. : )

And a final Reason #3, updated from the year 2012: Peter Reinhardt and Erika Reinhardt are now married! They are the two sitting on the right hand side of the photo above. : )

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