Adam Smith

My Startup Bootcamp Talk

November, 2009

The guys behind the MIT Startup Bootcamp have finished posting all of the day's talks online. They were nice enough to invite me to share my experiences and lessons learned starting Xobni at this event.

Overall I thought the talk went pretty well. The first half was slower paced than I would have liked. My favorite part were the questions! Maybe next time I'll just build the whole thing around questions, not sure.

BTW, the Startup Bootcamp organizers are awesome! They are "just" MIT students. Unpaid. On their own initiative and time. ...and they follow through over the subsequent weeks by formatting these videos brilliantly in HD.

Frankly, I'm hoping they come talk to us whenever they are considering career options!

Here's the video, below.

Also, some of my buddies, Drew Houston (Dropbox) and Dharmesh Shah (, HubSpot).

Here's Drew.

...and Dharmesh!

Thanks again to Michael Grinich and the other wonderful conference organizers!

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